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Volume10, Issue 3, 2019

Released 10th May 2019

Index Copernicus (ICV2015) 71.16
SJIF 2016 5.8
IPI Value 2.62
Global IF Value 0.876

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International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Volume 10, Issue 2, 2019 (10th March 2019)


  1. Concept and Significance of Paradi Guṇa in Ᾱyurveda

Suchetta Verma1*, Shailza Bhatanagar2 and Mukti Manki Mita Singh3
Pages 1-10

  1. Management of Ekakushta (Psoriasis) through Panchakarma: A Successful Case Report

S Srinidhi1*, Shashibindu2, M Kumar Ashvini3 and T Vidyavati4
Pages 11-24

  1. Dietetic and Lifestyle Approach of Ayurveda in Certain Urinary Disorders

Swati Sharma*
Pages 25-34

  1. A Critical Review on Arka Kalpana (Distillate Formulations) for Shwasa (Asthma)

M.R. Kavyashree1*, A. Harini2 and S. Vasan Satish3
Pages 35-48

  1. Fundamental Tenets of Nipah Virus Infection in Ayurveda and its Management: A Multidisciplinary Investigation

Ayush Kumar Garg1*, Preeti Chouhan2 and Brijesh Sharma3
Pages 49-64

  1. A Conceptual Study on Effect of Nasya Karma with Sahacharadi Taila in the Management of Avabahuka

Thakur Vrishali1*, Nakade Mamta2, Gaikwad Pranesh3 and Changade Jayashri4
Pages 65-68

  1. Mridweekadi Churna - A Drug Review

Savitri1*, Utkarsh Gupta2, Deepshikha3, N.N Tiwari4 and G.P.Garg5
Pages 69-78

  1. The Role of Pathya Apathya in the Management of Gastric Disorders w.s.r. to Annavaha Srotas Vikruti

Narendra Narware1*, Anita Sharma2 and PradipkumarSuryawanshi3
Pages 79-89

  1. Tenets of Sattvāvajayacikitsā in Caraka Samhitā


Pages 90-110

  1. Complicated Skin and Soft-Tissue Infections: An Ayurvedic Approach to its Management

Dhrubajyoti Talukdar1* and Pankaj Kumar Barman2
Pages 111-117

  1. Management of Sinonasal Polyposis through Ayurveda: A Case Study

Mansi1*and Shamsa Fiaz2
Pages 118-123

  1. Vatvah Sira - A Critical & Conceptual Correlation with Modern Science

Rashmi Tiwari*
Pages 124-131

  1. Anthelmintic Potential of Three Road-Side Plants

Sonia Singla1 and V K Kapoor2*
Pages 132-137

  1. Ayurvedic Management of Khalitya (Hairfall) - A Review of Clinical Researches Conducted at Gujarat Ayurveda University, Jamnagar

Sujata P. Dhoke1*, H.A.Vyas2, M. K. Vyas3, A.S.Baghel4 and Shubhangi Kamble5
Pages 138-151

  1. Effect of Vaitaran Vasti and Saindhwadya Taila Anuvasana in Management of Pristhagraha -A Case Study

Pooja1*, Monika2 and Anil Bhardwaj3
Pages 152-156

  1. Role of Swarna Prashan to Boost Immunity in Children

Divya1*, Deepshikha2, Utkarsh Gupta3 and G.P.Garg4
Pages 157-165

  1. Ksheerabala Taila- A Pharmaceutico-Analytical Study w.s.r to its Trividha Paka

Chithra G Nair1, Chaithra G T2*and Radhika Ranjan Geethesh P
Pages 166-170

  1. An Observational Clinical Study of Jalaukavacharana in Management of Knee Joint Pain in Various Painful Joint Disorders

Jignesha Charel1*and Jaimin R Patel2
Pages 171-176

  1. Prophylactic Approach of Abhyanga in Akalaja Jara -Literary Documentations from Ayurveda

Madhumita Panigrahi1*, A. S. Baghel2, Hitesh Vyas3, S.B. Kamble4 and Kabi Prasad Mohanty5
Pages 177-187

  1. A Clinical Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of Dashanga Taila Nasya Karma in Cervical Spondylosis w.s.r Vishwachi

Nirbhay Gupta1*, Padmakiran C2 and Rajalaxmi M G3 and Prasad Mohanty5
Pages 188-198

  1. A Clinical Study of Kshara Basti and Panchkoal Ghanvati Amavata w.s.r. Rheumatoid Arthritis

Neeraj Kanungo1* and Vijayata Kanungo2
Pages 199-205

  1. Critical Analysis of Yakrit Vikaras with special reference to Contemporary Science

Nikhil Chandra1*, Vidya Hirlekar2, Sreelakshmi B3 and Joel Antony4
Pages 206-214

  1. Role of Rasayana Therapy in Geriatric Care: A Review

Jagdish Kumar Anant1* and S.R. Inchulkar2
Pages 215-224

  1. Management of Multiple Chalazia through Ayurveda: A Case Study

Nirma Bansal1*and Shamsa Fiaz2
Pages 225-229

  1. Critical Analysis of Badhirya with special reference to Hearing Loss

Rakesh Bishnoi1* and Shamsa Fiaz2
Pages 230-237

  1. An Integrated Method in the Management of Arsho-Bhagandara- A Case Report

Sreerag M V*
Pages 238-244

  1. Effect of Basti Karma in the Management of Avascular Necrosis of Femoral Head-A Case Study

Pravesh Srivastava1*, Gopesh Mangal2 and Gunjan Garg3 
Pages 245-254

  1. Concept of Vitapa Marma-Review Article

Pravesh Srivastava1*, Gopesh Mangal2 and Gunjan Garg3 
Pages 255-264

  1. Role of Vaman Karma & Ayurvedic Herbal Preparations in PCOD - A Case Report

Sharma Rashmi1* and Radhey Shyam Sharma2
Pages 265-270

  1. Literature Review of Ardhavbhedaka w.s.r. Migraine

Alok Kumar Asthana1, Monika Asthana2 and Payal Sharma3*
Pages 271-278

  1. The Concept of Vatavaha Sira w.s.r. to Modern Anatomy

Pages 279-287

  1. Critical Interpretation on Manufacturing Process of Avalehakalpana

Pooja. B1*, Govinda Sharma K2 and Vinay R Kadibagil3
Pages 288-294

  1. Dementia and Its Concept in Ayurveda-A Review

Rashmi Joshi1*, Bhanupriya Kaushik2, Deepti Negi3 and Mayank Bhatkoti4
Pages 295-301

  1. Ayurvedic Management of Abhighataja Pakshavadha w. s. r. to Cervical Spinal Injury Paralysis- A Case Study

Anil Soni1*, Amit Kumar2 and Gopesh Mangal3
Pages 302-309

  1. Conceptual Study of Sports Medicine in Ayurveda: A Review

Hari Krishna Shriwas1* and. Rupendra Chandrakar2
Pages 310-316

  1. Ayurveda Rog Nidan Approaches towards the Management of Sankramak Roga: A Review

Ashutosh Kumar Jain1*, Jinesh Kumar Jain2 and O.P. Diwedi3
Pages 317-322

  1. Pharmacognostical, Preliminary Physicochemical and Nutraceutical Profile of Seed and Oil of ‘Mrug 1 Variety' of Sesamum indicum L.

Pallavi Dattatray Nikam1*, Riddhi Kanakhara2, Arjunsingh Baghel3, Channappa Rudrappa Harisha4 and. Vinay J. Shukla5
Pages 323-334

  1. Preliminary Standardization of Rasna Kashaya and Erandamoola Kashaya-Two Herbal Formulations

Sneha Nambiar1*, Varghese Jibi T2, Madhura Dapkekar3 and Manna Mathew4

Pages 335-344

  1. Diversified Uses of Mineral Origin Substances in Sushruta Samhita: An Overall Review

Premraj Chaudhary1 and Pallavi Singh2*

Pages 345-356

  1. Critical Analysis on the Therapeutic Potentials of Kushmand Avaleha on Raktapradar

Poornima P. Ghadi1* and Madhu M2

Pages 357-364

  1. A Cross Sectional Study to know Prevalence of Anemia among Young Girl Students

Jagruti Chaple*

Pages 365-370

  1. A Review Study of Significance of Yogyasutriya Adhyaya

Jyoti Gangwal1*, Vikash Bhatnagar2, Parul Anand3 and Sanjay Kholiya4

Pages 372-378


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