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Volume10, Issue 3, 2019

Released 10th May 2019

Index Copernicus (ICV2015) 71.16
SJIF 2016 5.8
IPI Value 2.62
Global IF Value 0.876

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International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Volume 5, Issue 1, 2016

  1. Role of Madhura Rasa on Shareera

Sreelekshmi G1*, Bhupesh Kumar Parihar2 and KulkarniPratibha3

Pages 1-8

  1. Variation in Bifurcation of Sciatic Nerve Found in Gluteal Region in Dissection

Deepa1* and Bhanu Pratap Singh2

Pages 9-13

  1. Case Study of Follicular Ovarian Cyst

Priti Garg1*, Amrendra Dubey2 and Shalini Sachan3
Pages 14-17

  1. Detailed Pharmacognostical and Preliminary Pharmaceutical Assay of Shunthi Tablet  

Jay R. Mordhara1, A.S.Baghel2, Harisha C R3 and V. J. Shukla4

Pages 18-25

  1. A Systematic Review on Hair Care and Herbs Used in Hair Fall Treatment

Prashant L. Pingale1*, Sahebrao S. Boraste2 and Sunil V. Amrutkar3

Pages 26-42

  1. A Pharmacognostical and Physicochemical Evaluation of Mukhakantivardhaka Lepa

Madhumita Panigrahi1*, Mahesh Vyas2, Harisha C.R.3, V. J. Shukla4 and Kabi P. Mohanty5

Pages 43-52

  1. Immunology: An Ayurvedic Aspect with reference to Oja and Vyadhikshamatva

Aniket A Shilwant*
Pages 53-64

  1. Review on Rasa Ratna Samuchchaya- Commented by Prof. Anantha Kulkarni

Madhur Shobitha1*, Ganti Basavaraj Y2, Hussain Gazala3 and Kadibagil Vinay R4

Pages 65-71

  1. Unscientific Science of Modern Technology in Ayurvedic Drug Standardization- A Review

Basavaraj S Hadapad1* and Anupama V Nayak2

Pages 72-79

  1. Therapeutic Efficacy of Eranda (Ricinus communis Linn.) in Vata vyadhi

Gyan Chand Kr. Morya1, Awanish Pandey1, H.S. Mishra2, R.B.Yadav3 and K.N. Yadav4
Pages 80-88

  1. Critical Review and Scientific Description of NetraSharira

Pratibha Upadhyay*
Pages 89-96

  1. Role of Til-Kalka Pichchaabasti in Parikartika - A Case Study

Tikeshwar Karanjekar1*, Anubhuti P. Manwar1, Mitesh B. Chauhan2, Subhash Y. Raut1 and Arun M. Lakhapati1
Pages 97-101

  1. Role of Vaman Karma and Guduchyadi Kwath in the Management of Urdhavaga Amlapitta

Vrinda P. Kadu1*, Shrikant Wamanrao Mude2 and Mrunalini Dilip Gundre3
Pages 102-111

  1. Pharmacognostical and Phytochemical Standardization of Shatpushpadi Taila - An Ayurvedic Polyherbal Formulation

Jatinder Kour1*, Shilpa B. Donga2, Harisha C. R.3 and Shukla V.J.4

Pages 112-127

  1. Comparative Study on Efficacy of Thapta Sheetha Jala in the Management of Sandi Vata

Nuwansiri L.S.B1, Abeysooriya SR2 and Wickramarachchi W.J.W3

Pages 128-134

  1. Ayurvedic and Modern Approach to Cleft Lip w.s.r. to Austha sandhan

Gunjan Keshri1*, Subhash Y. Raut2, Arun M. Lakhapati3 and Nita M. Kedar4
Pages 135-140

  1. Efficacy of Matra Basti and Medhya Rasayana in the Management of Klaibya Roga

Nilesh Bhatt1, Anup Thakar2, V.D.Shukla3, Shital Bhagiya4*and Mayank Bhatkoti5

Pages 141-150

  1. Herbal Compound (Guggulu, Amrita & Punarnava) in the Management of Osteoarthritis (Shandivat)

Dhirendra Nath Deka1* and Bishnu Prasad Sarma2
Pages 151-157

  1. Review on Tila Taila along with Physico Chemical Analysis

Deepanjali Bora1* and Niten Barman2

Pages 158-163

  1. Alternative Approach to Drug Resistance

Kumar Ajay*
Pages 164-169

  1. Evaluation of the Effect of Kusthaghnamahakashaya in Psoriasis

Karab Ali1* and Bishnu Prasad Sarma2

Pages 170-179

  1. Shodhana of Gandhaka (Sulphur) with Bhringaraj (Eclipta Alba) and Goghruta (Cowís Ghee)

Diware Chinmay Gopalrao*

Pages 180-185

  1. Evaluation of the Effect of Kusthaghnamahakashaya in Psoriasis

Mehak kamboj1*, Tanvi Mahajan2 and Pramod Anand Tiwari3
Pages 186-192 

  1. Anidra and Its Management by Ayurveda and Yoga

Motiur Rahman1* and Karab Ali2

Pages 193-198

  1. An Experimental Study on the Anti inflammatory Effect of Roots with that of Leaves of Nirgundi (Vitex negundo Linn, Family Verbenacea)

Mridula MK1 and Jollykutty Eapen2*
Pages 199-205

  1. Basella rubra Linn.-A Review

Singh M1*, Kumari R2, Kotecha M3
Pages 206-223

  1. Conceptual Study on the Role of Virechana in Pakwashayagata Kupita Vata

Nirmal Bhusal1* and Santosh Kumar Bhatted2

Pages 224-230

  1. Immunomodulatory Activity of Triphala and its Individual Constituents w.s.r. to Rasayana - A Review Article

Amit A. Gajarmal1* and Sudipt Kumar Rath2
Pages 231-244

  1. Clinical Study of SarivadiLepa and GunjaTaila in the Management of Migraine

Rajbir Singh*

Pages 245-251 

  1. Ayurveda: Journey through Eras, Present Scenario and Future Directions

Anjali B. Prasad1*, SachinAgrawal2, Preeti Gawali3 and Kishor Gawali4

Pages 252-263


  1. Role of Yasthimadhu Sidh Ghrita in Parikartika (Fissure in Ano)

Ravinder Singh Khattra*

Pages 264-270


  1. A Literature Review on Suryanamaskar (Sun Salutations)

Velhal Amol*

Pages 271-283


  1. PCOS - Anatomical and Psychosomatic Aspect: Management by Yoga

Swapnil Saxena1*, S. D Rokade2, M.K.Dawre3 and P.G. Sali4

Pages 284-290


  1. A Pilot Study on Concept of Karnya: A Literary Review

Gamlath NWGND1*, Kumara GUA2 and Wickramarachchi WJ3

Pages 291-299



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