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Volume10, Issue 2, 2019

Released 10th March 2019

Index Copernicus (ICV2015) 71.16
SJIF 2016 5.8
IPI Value 2.62
Global IF Value 0.876
IIFS Awaited

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International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Volume 5, Issue 2, 2016

  1. Pharmacognostical and Physicochemical Evaluation of Stanya Shodhan Gana Churna- An Ayurvedic Formulation in the Management of PCOS

Pandit D. Kale1*, L. P. Dei2, S. B. Donga3, Anup Thakar4, Harisha C. R.5 and Shukla V. J.6

Pages 1-14

  1. Twacha Shareer and its Co-relation with Modern Science

Varsha Rohidas Sarsande1*, R.R. Jape2, S.S. Bhagwat3, Nimesh P. Sangode4, Uzma.S5 and Somdutt Sharma6
Pages 15-20

  1. An Applied Analytical Research Study on Dietetics and Nutrition in Ayurveda and Yoga

Yogesh Bhagwanrao Shinde1* and Snehalata Shivajirao Pawar2
Pages 21-45

  1. Effect of Prapaundrikadi Taila on Palitya: A Pilot Study

Shyam Babu Singh1* and Om Prakash Dadhich2

Pages 46-51

  1. A Case Study on Ayurvedic Treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) by ShamanaSneha of Panchgavyaghrita

Ankita Viroja1* and Dhananjay Patel2

Pages 52-58

  1. Perspective of Yoga as an Anatomical Point of View

Santosh Kumar Mittal1, Richa Sharma2 and Nishi Jain3*

Pages 59-65

  1. Usage of Vamāna Karma in the Management of Amlāpitta According to the Method of Deegalla Bogoda Tradition

L.S.B. Nuwansiri1, S.R. Abeysooriya2 and W.J. Wickramarachchi3*
Pages 66-73

  1. Clinical Study on Haridradi Anjana in the Management of Sushkakshipaka (Dry Eye Syndrome)

Nikita Baghel1*, Shamsa Fiaz2 and Prabhakar Vardhan3

Pages 74-83

  1. A Glimpse on Rasa-preparations in Childhood Age (Review article)

Anamika Shukla1* and Priyanka Triwedi2

Pages 84-91

  1. Management of Psoriasis by Saribadyarista: A Case Study

Tasnuva Ferdous1, Amrita Kumar Sarkar2, Dai Ayusawa3 and Mohammad Nazir Hossain4*
Pages 92-103

  1. Detailed Pharmacognostical and Preliminary Pharmaceutical Assay of Shamana Yoga

Upexa K. Bhimani1*, Jay R. Mordhara2, Harisha C R3 and V. J. Shukla4

Pages 104-111

  1. Role of Jaladhara in the Management of Anxiety Disorder (Chittodvega): A Conceptual Study 

Dhananjay V. Patel*
Pages 112-119

  1. Karīra (Capparis decidua Edgew.) - An Important Medicinal Plant of Arid Zone

Dipti1* and M.L. Jaiswal2
Pages 120-130

  1. Concept of 'DushiVisha'- Significance in Current Perspective

Parvesh Kumar1*and Munish Kumar2

Pages 131-137

  1. Clinical Study of Lotus (Nelumbonuciferagaertn) Rhizome as a Hypoglycemic agent in the Management of Type-2 Diabetes mellitus

Nazma Ahmed1* and Bishnu Prasad Sarma2

Pages 138-143

  1. Importance of Adharaniya Vega as Hetu Vichar in Line of Ayurvedic Treatment - A Case Report

Ashwini Patil1* and Mrudula Joshi2
Pages 144-152

  1. Role of Ayurveda in Mutrakrucchra w.s.r. to Urinary Tract Infection- A Review Study

Shraddha V. Wake1* and Vaishali Kuchewar2

Pages 153-161

  1. Management of Spastic Cerebral Palsy due to Wallerian Degeneration through Majja Kshira Basti - A Case Study

Nidhi Sharma1*, Chandra Chud Mishra2 and Ch. Sadanandam3
Pages 162-172

  1. Increasing Incidences of Suicidal Attempts in Young Generation Due to Stress and its Prevention through Ayurveda and Yoga

Chandra Chud Mishra1*, Nidhi Sharma2 and Kamlesh Kumar Sharma3

Pages 173-179

  1. Book Review on Rasa Ratnakara (Riddhi Khanda)

K.V. Janaki1*, Ganti Basavaraj Y2, Saokar Reshma M3 and Kadibagil Vinay R4
Pages 180-189

  1. Shodhana (Purification) According to Ayurveda with special reference to Tamra

Diware Chinmay Gopalrao*

Pages 190-196

  1. Proximate and Phytochemical Scrutiny of Piper Betel Leaves Powder

Ekta Singh Chauhan1 and Jaya Aishwarya2*

Pages 197-204

  1. Role of Karanjbeejadi Lepa in the Management of Alas (T. pedis)

Pal Guru Sharan*
Pages 205-211 

  1. Description of Nasya with its Anatomical Point of View

Chhaya Gupta1*, Chhavi Gupta2 and Shivaranjani B3

Pages 212-221

  1. A Clinical Study on Role of Vaman Karma with Nimbapatol Kashay in Vicarcikā

Richa Tripathi1*, S. E. Chavan2, P.A. Kadus3 and J.S.Tripathi4
Pages 222-228

  1. Hair Care in Ayurveda w.s.r. to Pratimarsha Nasya- A Panchakarma Procedure

Neha Singh1*, Sunanda R Pedhekar2 and B. B. Kadlaskar3

Pages 229-237

  1. Formation of "Sapta Chatuska" of Astanga Hridaya Sutrasthana 

Kanika Gogoi*

Pages 238-249

  1. Study of Amashaya (Stomach) With Special Reference to Prevention of GI Disorders: A Review Article

Amit M. Sonune1*, Pradnya R. Deshpande2 and Prasad P. Pande3

Pages 250-255

  1. Clinical Study on Parikartika (Fissure-in-Ano) and its Management with Sindooradyo Malahara

Hota Kalanidhi1*, Senapati Bankim Chandra2, Dasgupta Dipankar3, Rath Itishree Bandana4 and Mishra Jagdish Prasad5
Pages 256-268 

  1. Kapikacchu (Mucuna pruriens (L.) DC.) - A Comprehensive Review

Sharma Tarun1*, Ramamurthy A.2, Nathani Sumit3 and Anand Parul4

Pages 269-282

  1. A Review Article on Species used as Musali (Curculigo orchioides) and Salam (Eulophia compestris) 

Madan B. Tonge*

Pages 283-296

  1. Critical Review of Swedana Karma w.s.r. to Physical Medicine

P.Sushma1*and Ch.Sadanandam2

Pages 297-305

  1. Ahara: Foremost Pillar of Ayurveda

Pawar Jatved Janardanrao1* and Khendkar Jayashree Chandrakant2

Pages 306-312

  1. Pharmacovigilance: Future Need of Ayurveda

Neha Soni1*, P. K. Joshi2, O. P. Rout3 and B. K. Soni4

Pages 313-324

  1. Role of Sexual Intercourse Timing and Frequency in the Management of Male Infertility

Raviraj S Kurabet1*, Nithin Kumar2 and Krishnamurthy N3

Pages 325-329

  1. Nutrition and Related Disorders in Childhood Age: An Ayurvedic Overview

Sandeep S. Bade1* and Shivam Gupta2, Komal Sinha3 and V.U. Gawai4

Pages 330-338

  1. A Review on Therapeutic Potential of Trivrita (Operculina turpethum Linn.)

Satyapal Singh1*, Sangeeta2, Sudharma. I. Kodituwakku3, Rajendra Prasad4, J. S. Tripathi5 and N.P. Rai6

Pages 339-348

  1. Ardraka & Shunti Mahoushadhis of Ayurveda

Sorubini Loganathan1* and Vinay R Kadibagil2

Pages 349-359

  1. Comparative Pharmaceutical and Analytical Study of Manasheeladi Vati Prepared from Two Different Methods of Manasheela Shodhan

P.J.Bandwal1*, Yugandhara Misal2 and S.L.Thakur3

Pages 360-367

  1. A Review on Ayurvedic Researches on Hypothyroidism

Shalini Prakash1* and Karishma Singh2

Pages 368-379

  1. Role of Kuberaksha Vati on Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Sampada Sandeep Sant1* and Shilpa Kantilal Ingle2

Pages 380-388

  1. A Clinical Study of Matra Basti and Patrapinda Swedana in the Management of Sandhigata Vata (Osteoarthritis)

Nilesh Bhatt1*, Shital Bhagiya2, A.B. Thakar3 and Rajdeep Rao4

Pages 389-397


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