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Volume10, Issue 2, 2019

Released 10th March 2019

Index Copernicus (ICV2015) 71.16
SJIF 2016 5.8
IPI Value 2.62
Global IF Value 0.876
IIFS Awaited

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International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Volume 6, Issue 3, 2017

  1.  Ksharasutra Application in Pilonidal Sinus - A Case Study

Ramesh kaundal *, OmPrakash Sharma2 and Anil Badhoria3

Pages 1-6

  1. Understanding the contributions of Charaka Samhita in Research Methodology

R. S. Dhimdhime1*, D. T. Kodape2, K. B. Pawar3, D. V. Kulkarni4, N. B. Bhaldar5 and P. D. Dongre6

Pages 7-17

  1. Conceptual Study of Dushi Visha in Present Era w.s.r. to Occupational Hazards and Agricultural Poisons

N. S. Gangasagre1, Nilesh Salve2*, Shital Mirajkar3, Subhashini Lahankar4 and Ravindra Pandhare5
Pages 18-26

  1. Shelf Life Analysis of a Herbal Hypolipidemic Health Mix

Priyakshi Borkotoky1* and Bishnu Prasad Sarma2

Pages 27-33

  1. StanyaKshaya; Ayurvedic Perspective and Role of Herbal Galactogogues

Gupta Rosy1 and Chandla Anubha2*

Pages 34-45

  1. Conceptual Study of Hypothyroidism w.s.r. to Kriyasharira

Dhimdhime R.S.1*, Kodape D.T.2, Pawar K.B.3, Shilpa Kantilal Ingle4, Dipali S. Pawar5 and Deepak P. Sawant6 
Pages 46-54

  1. The Role of Raktbasti Treatment in Thalassemia Major

Atul.M.Bhavsar1 and Ram B. Shukla2*
Pages 55-63

  1. Ayurvedic Management of Ankylosing Spondylitis w.s.r to Amavata: A Case Study

Sachin G. Tike1*, Prashant Baghel2, Suvarna S. Jadhav3, and Neha Sat Paul4

Pages 64-72

  1. Experimental Study of Shweta Parpati Nirman w. s. r. to Ashodhit, Shodhit and Nirmalikruta Ingredients

Ujwala Ashokrao Jadhao1*, Nalini Rameshrao Hedaoo2, Rajesh k. Ingole3 and Lagad C.E.4
Pages 73-87

  1.  A Clinical Study on Bhringraj Tablet in the Management of Khalitya

Dipa Mehta1* and Ankita Viroja2
Pages 88-93

  1. Ayurvedic Triads for Healthier Life- "Ahar, Swapna and Brahmacharya"

Dhawal P Makwana1*, Archana C Pithadiya2, Jatin V Rola3 and Bhavin S Dubal4
Pages 94-99

  1.  Antibacterial Screening of Oil of Pistacia lentiscus against Staphylococcus aureus ATCC No. 25923 in West of Iran

Akram Zangeneh1, Mohammad Mahdi Zangeneh2*, Majid Hajialiani3, Rohalah Moradi3, Reza Tahvilian4, Faezeh Sanjabi Shirazi3, Sajad Felegari3 and Hadis Fartab5
Pages 100-109

  1. Analytical Study of Madhutailika Basti Formulation Prepared by Classical and Modified Methods

Shruthi.C.S1*, Prabhakara Upadhyaya Renjal2 and Sujatha.K.3
Pages 110-118

  1. Acceptance of Ayurveda in the World with special reference to Bhasma

Shruthi.C.S.1*, Prabhakara Upadhyaya Renjal2 and Sujatha.K.3

Pages 119-127

  1. Antibacterial Properties of an Iranian Ethnomedicinal Plant

Rohalah Moradi1, Majid Hajialiani1, Mohammad Mahdi Zangeneh2, Akram Zangeneh3*, Reza Tahvilian4, Hanieh Hidaryan5, Nadia Rezaeeasl1 and Afsaneh Kohneshin6

Pages 128-137

  1. A Comparative Clinical Study of Abhadi Vati and Chinchadi Taila in Sandhivata w.s.r. to Osteoarthritis

Nishant Kaushik1, Poonam Bhojak2, R. V. Shettar3 and Mahendra Choudhary4
Pages 138-149

  1.  A Review on Mamsa as a MatrujaBhava in the Context of Gene Mutation in X chromosome and Mitochondrial DNA

Krishnamurthy N1* and Govundraju U2


  1. Ethnomedicinal Plants: Evaluation of in vitro Antibacterial properties of Verbascum thapsus against Bacillus subtilis ATCC No. 21332

Mohammad Mahdi Zangeneh1*, Akram Zangeneh2, Reza Tahvilian3, Rohallah Moradi4, Koosha Kiani2, Mostafa Khalili2, Tahereh Shikhi2 and Amir Amiri2
Pages 155-166

  1. Management of Diabetic Foot Ulcer with Khadira Kashaya Dhawana and Nimba-patra-Haridra Kalka Dressing

Neha Sat Paul1*, M.J.Qadri2 and Swati Kadam3

Pages 167-174

  1. Management of Ichthyosis by an Ayurvedic regimen w.s.r. Vipadika: A Case Report

Pratibha M. Gayakwad1*, Seema V. Giri2 . and M. J. Qadri3

Pages 175-184

  1. A Role of Vamana Karma in the Management of Ekakustha (Posriasis)

Patel Manish1*, Patel Kalapi2, Gupta S N3, Kulashreshtha D4 and Jain Jinesh5

Pages 185-197

  1. A Role of Narayana Taila Matra Basti in Routine Geriatric Care

Patel Kalapi1*, Patel Manish2, Gupta S N3, and Jain Jinesh4

Pages 198-207

  1. Concept of Sushrutokta Vishalyagna Marma

Nithin Kumar1* and U Govindaraju2

Pages 208-212

  1. Study of Physiological Changes on Pranavaha Strotas according to Different Rutus

Ramesh M. Bansode1 and Shraddha Mahamulkar2*

Pages 213-220

  1. Detailed Pharmacognostic, Physicochemical and Phytochemical Study of Pippali Fruit (Piper longum Linn.) Available in Assam

Amrita Pincha1*, Dhrubajyoti Sarma2 and Bishnu Prasad Sarma3

Pages 221-227

  1. Rujakara Marma Kshat Lakshana w.s.r. to Sports Injury Management by Herbal Paste Application (Manjishthadi Lepa) and Laxadi Guggulu- A Clinical Study

Kayomaz Mahervan Mogal1*, Mohit Pravinbhai Paghdar2 and Pragnesh Patel3
Pages 228-236

  1. The Role of Shatavari Ghrita Netra Tarpana in Dry Eye Syndrome in Comparison to Conventional Treatment

Patil Sarika*Govindrao1, Shinde Rohini Panjabrao2 and A.B.Deshmukh3
Pages 237-246

  1. A Case of Diabetic Sensory Polyneuropathy Successfully Managed with Atibalamoola Kvatha: A Case Report

Parveen Kumar1*;S. N. Gupta2 and Manish Patel3
Pages 247-251

  1. Abhishyana- Ayurviedic Review Literature

A. B. Deshmukh1 and Rupali Bhauraoji Ramteke2
Pages 252-260

  1. Chemical and Structural Analysis of Ayurvedic Preparation: Swarna Bhasma

Sayali Chittar1* and Girish Pathade1

Pages 261-268

  1. Successful management of Bijdushti Janya Vandhyatva w.s.r. to Infertility Due to Ovarian factor-A Case Study

Jasmina Acharya1* and Foram Joshi2

Pages 269-274

  1. Management of Ankylosing Spondylitis with Baluka Sweda Followed by Basti Karma - A Case Study

NirmalBhusal1* and Santosh Kumar Bhatted2

Pages 275-281

  1. A Comparative Experimental Study to Evaluate Mutrala (diuretic) Activity of Kusha (Imperata cylindrica Beauv.) and Darbha (Desmostachya bipinnata Stapf.)

Niti T. Shah1*, Bharati Umrethia2 and Tushar P. Shah3

Pages 282-289

  1. Dushta Vrana Treated with Gauradya Ghrita Vranabasti- A Case Study

Vishesh Sharma1* and Tanvi Mahajan2

Pages 290-294

  1. Honey as Natural Preservative

Khanal Sharada1*, K.V. Janaki2, Sharma K Govinda3, P. R. kumari Nisha4 and Ramesh Paudel5

Pages 295-300

  1. Effect of Piper longum Fruit Extract on Mortality of Gallus gallusChick Embryo at Early Stage of Development

Shilpa Pachapurkar1, Anuya Mane2, Jaywant Jadhav3 and Aruna Kanase4*

Pages 301-312

  1. Ayurvedic Management of Rectal Prolapse in Children-A Case Report

Rutu V. Patel1* and S.N.Gupta2

Pages 313-317

  1. Pharmacognostical and Physico-Chemical Evaluation of Vidarikandakshirpaka: An Ayurvedic Herbal Formulation

Bharat L. Bhadiyadra1*, Hitesh A. Vyas2, Harisha C. R.3 and M. K. Vyas4

Pages 318-324

  1. Suppression of Urge to Sneeze (Kshavathu-Vegadharan): Consequences and Management

Prashant Baghel1* and Dhimdhime R.S.2

Pages 325-334

  1. Evaluation of Anatomical Changes in a Pilot Study of Kshar Tail Uttarbasti in Mootrasthila

Vaibhav K. Bhadage1* and Milind B. Nikumbh2, Bharat L. Bhadiyadra1, Hitesh A. Vyas2, Harisha C. R.3 and M. K. Vyas4

Pages 335-341

  1. Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Preparation of Arka Taila: An Ayurvedic Oil Based Medicine

Komal D. Jani1* and Dharmendra P. Jani2

Pages 342-349


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