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Volume10, Issue 2, 2019

Released 10th March 2019

Index Copernicus (ICV2015) 71.16
SJIF 2016 5.8
IPI Value 2.62
Global IF Value 0.876
IIFS Awaited

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International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Volume 7, Issue 2, 2017

  1. Ayurvedic Management of Extensive Infected Snakebite Wound Preventing Amputation - A Case Study

Sarita Gaikwad*

Pages 1-8

  1. Agnikarma - Pain Management Therapy in Musculoskeletal Diseases

Sawant Shreya Umesh1* and Mekhale Smita Maruti2

Pages 9-15

  1. In-process Standardization of Ayurvedic Drugs - Needs and Challenges

Bhatambre Yogesh1* and Bhange Pallavi2

Pages 16-26

  1. The Conceptual Study of Postpartum Depression According to Modern and Ayurvedic Point of View

Nitin Chandurkar1* and Shweta Mali2

Pages 27-33

  1. Pharmaceutico - Analytical Study of Dwiguna Bali Jarita Kajjali

C. S. Maladkar1*and Rudresh G Karhe2

Pages 34-40

  1. Conceptual Review on Rasayana & its Impact on Oja

Manisha R. Dehankar1* and Sunil G.Topre2
Pages 41-44

  1. Santarpanajanya Vikara and Its Treatment through Ayurveda: A Literary View

Bhagya Ranjan Dash*
Pages 45-50

  1. A Review Article on Phakka Roga

Sagar Bhut1* and Sunil Changle2

Pages 51-56

  1. Postmortem Examination (Ashumritakpariksha) in Ancient Era w.s.r to Kautilya Arthashastra

Sharda More (Pol)1* and Hemant Pol2
Pages 57-62

  1. Overview of Sneha kalpana: A Timely Appraisal

Khemchand Sharma1*, Braham Datt Sharma2 and Vaijanti3
Pages 63-70

  1. In-vitro Study of Plectranthus Amboinicus against Respiratory Pathogens

Nandesh Mohan P.1, Shashirekha K.S.2 and Maithri H.D.3

Pages 71-77

  1. A Clinical Evaluation of Lodhra Kalka with Vata Twak Kwatha in Shweta Pradara (Leucorrhoea)

Ranjitha B.M.*

Pages 78-86

  1. A Clinical Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of Seka Karma in the Management of Praklinna Vartma

Shikha1*, Renu Rao2, Gunjan Sharma3, Priyanka Rani4 and Mohan Kumar5
Pages 87-99

  1. The Role of Karnadhupan in the Management of Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media (Karnasrava) - A Case Study

Abha Singh1* and Arun Kumar2

Pages 100-104

  1. Anatomical study of Raktvaha Srotas w.s.r. to Liver

Vikrant Thakur1* and Kunj Biharee Saini2

Pages 105-110

  1. A Clinical Study on Evaluation of Efficacy of Dashmuladi Kwatha in the Management of Gridhasi with special reference to Sciatica

Madhavi Dattatray Gaikwad*

Pages 111-119

  1. Evaluating the Importance of Bahya and Abhyantara Prayoga of Mushika Taila in Complete Rectal Prolapse: A Case Study

Adiga Shripathi H1*, Malagi KJ2, Adiga Ramya S3, Hebbar Krishna Raghava4 and Nayak V Anupama5

Pages 120-128

  1. Preparation of Vaikrant Sattva and its Physico-Chemical Analysis

Uday V. Chougule1*, Pallavi U. Chougule2 and Sunil S. Inamdar3

Pages 129-139

  1. A Comparative Clinical Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of Khadirashtak Kwath & Haridradi Lepa with 777 oil along with Virechana in the Management of Ekkushtha w.s.r. to Psoriasis

Shweta Singh1*, Om Prakash Singh2, Dinesh Kumar Goyal3 and Punita Pandey4

Pages 140-149

  1. A Review on Role of Nidana Pariverjana in Metabolic Disorder-Diabetes Mellitus

Mahreen Fatema Ayaz Ahmed1* and Sunil.G.Topre2

Pages 150-154

  1. Role of Shastiupakramas in the Management of Dust Vrana (Diabetic Foot Ulcer) - A Case Report

Ashwini Sori1* and Ravishankar Pervaje2
Pages 155-160

  1. Role of Tridosha, Dhatu and Mala in Prameha-A Review

Ramesh M. Bansode1, S. S. Sant2, J. J. Pawar3 and Vinaya Potdar4*

Pages 161-168

  1. 'Vishamashan'-A Gateway to Gastrointestinal Disorders

Sant Sampada S.1* and KalyankarArchana U2

Pages 169-173

  1. A Comparative Clinical Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of Jalaukāvacārana and Siddārthakādi Lepa in the Management of Mukhadūṣikā w.s.r. to Acne Vulgaris

Pandey Krishna Kant1*, Tripathi Arun Kumar2 and Srivastava Alok Kumar3

Pages 174-201

  1. Ayurvedic Intervention in the Management of Ghridrasi w.s.r. to Sciatica-A Case Study

Sandeep Gorakh Mane1* and Bhavana S. Mane2

Pages 202-206

  1. To Study the Efficacy of Amaltas Kwath in Ek Kushtha

Mayur Temburne1* and Mrunal Tiwari2
Pages 207-217

  1. An Ayurvedic Perspective into the Therapeutic Strategy of Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

Mahajan Roshi1* and Sharma Rishi2
Pages 218-228

  1. Effect of Nirgundi-Kanchnaar Kshar Sutra and Bilva Patra Malhara in the Management of Bhagandara w.s.r. to Fistula-in-Ano

Mohan Kumar1*, Ajay Kumar Gupta2, Vimal Kumar3, Shikha4 and Kainat Ansari5
Pages 229-243

  1. Role of an Advanced Diagnostic Technique Electromyography (EMG) and Nerve Conduction (NC) in Vatavyadhi- Saravangaghat w.s.r. to Guillain Barre Syndrom (GBS)

Payal P. Suryawanshi1* and G. H. Kodwani2
Pages 244-249

  1. Analytical Study of Etiological factors of Manyashool

Pallavi U.Chougule1* and Uday V.Chougule2

Pages 250-263

  1. Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Boswellia Plus Tablets in the Management of Sandigata Vata w.s.r. to Osteoarthritis

Vikas Rana1*, Anjana Mishra2 and B.L.Mehra3

Pages 264-269

  1. Ayurvedic Management of Anaemia in Chronic Kidney Diseases- A Clinical Trial

Sarita Gaikwad*

Pages 270-283

  1. Pathogenesis of Anterior Uveitis: An Integrated Approach of Ayurveda and Biomedical Science

Neha Bernwal1* and B. Mukhopadhyay2

Pages 284-292

  1. Role of Ayurveda in the Management of Arsha (Haemorrhoids)-A Review

Heena Devi*

Pages 293-299

  1. A Case of Lumbar Disk Disease with Spondylolisthesis Successfully Managed by Siravedha: A Case Report

Roshni Dhurve*

Pages 300-305

  1. A Critical Approach on Treatment Modalities of Janusandhigatavata

UdayaGanesha B1* and Gunvant Hari Yeola2

Pages 306-310

  1. Role of Kasishadi Churna in Hypergranulation of Wound- A Case Study

Gunjan Keshri1* and Anil Chaudhary2

Pages 311-317

  1. Effect of Pushkarmoola (InulaRacemosa)churna in Hridshoola w.s.r. to Angina

Deepak Ekka1*, Swati Dubey2 and Saroj Parhate3
Pages 318-325

  1. Ayurvedic Treatment of Mansagatavata- A Case Study

Nitu Dongre1* and Nitesh Shambharkar2

Pages 326-332

  1. Sushruta's Concept of Prakriti

Bijit Das1* and Pankaj Kumar Barman2

Pages 333-338

  1. An Overview on Nidana Panchaka of Grahani Roga

Ajantha1, Anoma Geethani Samarawickrama2*, Chethana Kumari DS3 and Anjana4

Pages 339-348

  1. A Conceptual Study of Prameha and Its Relevance in Modern era

Priyanka1*, Mamta Kumari2 and K.L.Meena3

Pages 349-358

  1. Characterization of Bhasmas of Cast and Wrought Iron

Vrinda1*, Shobha G Hiremath2 and Surekha S Medikeri3
Pages 359-370

  1. Aahara Vidhi Visheshaayatana - The Science of Dietetics in Ayurveda

Ashvin Bagde1*, Asha Ramteke2, Santosh Girbide3 and Mayur Deshmukh4
Pages 371-382

  1. The Potency of Nasya Karma

Ashish Mishra1*, Amit Mukherjee2, and Mukund Supekar3
Pages 383-391

  1. Concept of Ojas and Its Clinical Importance

Ramesh Madhavrao Bansode1* and Archana U Kalyankar2
Pages 392-396

  1. Oral Health through Ayurveda

Kothainayagi1* and Premraj Chaudhary2
Pages 397-403

  1. Analytical Study of Darvyadi Raskriya: an Ayurvedic Formulation

Gunjan Sharma1, VandanaSrivastava2, P.K Singh3, Parinita Fulera4* and Lotika Bharti5
Pages 404-409

  1. An Overview of Phiranga in Ayurveda

Ajantha1, Sangita Maharjan2*, Arun Raj MN3 and Anjana4
Pages 410-416


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