International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
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Aim and Scope

The Knowledge of Ayurveda was not sufficiently accessible worldwide between Ayurveda Physicians, Research Scholars, Scientist, Academicians and general public due to problems related to language, privation of important clinical data, scarcity of data related to successful case studies and its sharing on common media etc. International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry (IJAPC), published by Greentree Group Publishers (GGP), was released with an Aim to disseminate knowledge of Ayurveda globally through publicizing Case Studies, Clinical trials, Review Articles and Articles to improve the daily regime and lifestyle.
The journal is dedicated to literary, fundamental, clinical, drug and inter disciplinary research of medicinal plants and to bioactive natural products of plant origin. It publishes original contributions into following major areas:

1. Isolation and characterization of active ingredients of medicinal plants.
2. Development and validation of  methods for standardization of bioactive plant extracts and natural products.
3. Identification of biological activity in plant extracts.
4. Identification of targets and mechanism of action of plant extracts.
5. Chemistry and biochemistry of bioactive extract of plant origin.
6. Review literature in  historical backgrounds, clinical and legal status of ayurvedic plants internationally.
7. Molecular docking studies of bioactive constituents obtained from plants.
8. New and innovative research in the field of agriculture.

We do not entertain any article reporting biological activity data on crude extracts that have not been characterized by any analytical procedure, anonymous and predicted biological activity and uncritical ethnopharmacological investigations.

Manuscript will be rejected if animal studies have been reported without having ethical committee certification and if we believe that animals are handled cruelly.

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