International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
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UGC No. (old) 43112 (2018-19) for authors reference only

Policies, Terms and Conditions for publication in IJAPC (GGP)

With a vision to have fair practices in publication process and to avoid any discrepancies before, during and after publication of a manuscripts following policies have been adopted by Greentree Group Publishers (GGP) based on recent experiences:

1. We do not prefix author names with designations. Only people and place or work is important.

2. If revisions of accepted manuscripts are completed on time then they will be published with ease and without any delay. Late submission may delay the publication of manuscript, especially those that are submitted near to the release date of the current issue. We need at least two weeks for processing of revised manuscript.

3. Revisions are necessary and we do not publish any unrevised manuscripts. Revisions improve the technical language, formatting, and remove errors from the manuscript.

4. We do not publish any plagiarized data. Authors must not send the same.

5.It is found that many manuscripts when submitted to the journal office are plagiarized and are not following copyright laws or publications ethics. Even after sending publication fee and copyright and declaration form the manuscript remains plagiarized. NO fee will be refunded to such authors if they withdraw their manuscripts in between the process-(I-stage) starting from Plagiarism check till Final publication (last stage).

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