International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
(A peer reviewed journal dedicated to allied Sciences)
e ISSN - 2350-0204
UGC No. (old) 43112 (2018-19) for authors reference only

International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Volume 2, Issue 3, 2015

  1. Concept of Rakta Dhatu

Prashant Rajiv Madankar*, Sampada S. Sant

Pages 1-6

  1. Syndrome 'X' - Current Global Pandemic with a hope to cure in Ayurveda

Vinay Tiwari, Kamal Kishore, Midhun Mohan, Satender Tanwar*, Kiran M. Goud

Pages 7-12

  1. Concept of Krimi in Ayurveda - A Progressive Review

Saroch Vikas*, Amandeep

Pages 13-18

  1. A review on Age related Macular Degeneration and it's Management in Ayurveda

Sharma Om Prakash*, Kaundal Ramesh, Hiremath Jyoti, Kumar Ashwani, Garg Gaurav

Pages 19-28

  1. Preventive Health Measures in Ayurveda

Guru Sharan Pal*

Pages 29-40

  1. Conceptual Study of Medoroga with special reference to Sthaulya (Obesity): A Review

Naresh K. Kumawat*, Dharmendra K. Sharma, Dhannajay

Pages 41-50

  1. Development and Validation of Analytical Method for Simultaneous Estimation of Cilnidipine and Chlorthalidone in their Combined Dosage Form.

Mayank Bapna*, Bhoi Khushbu Girishbhai

Pages 51-58

  1. Food safety in Ayurveda: A Short Review

Todkari Dinesh Prakash*, Swapna B. Zerikunthe

Pages 59-66

  1. Ayurveda in Public Health w.s.r. Non Communicable Diseases and Life Style Disorder

Alok Shukla*, Vinay Tiwari, Kamal Kishor, Midhun Mohan, Satender Tanwar, Kiran M Goud

Pages 67-76

  1. Role of Praval Panchamrut in Amlapitta

J. Pawar*, Sandeep B. Kale

Pages 77-83

  1. Concept of Food

Bijay Kumar Gupta*

Pages 84-94

  1. Palash (Butea monosperma lam. Kuntze.): A Review

Neelam*, K.N. Dwivedi, B.Ram

Pages 95-104

  1. Role of Snehana and Svedana in Vatavyadhi

Gupta Neelam*, Singh Jasmeet, Bharati Sarvesh Kumar, Singh A.K.

Pages 105-111

  1. A review on Agnikarma and its Physio-anatomical Effects

Gaurav Soni*, J. Manohar, Sandeep Langhne

Pages 112-129

  1. A Retrospect on Prakriti and Lifestyle

Sharma Pooja*, Sodhi Danisha, Gupta Vikas, Dadhich N.K

Pages 130-141

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