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Volume 11, Issue 3, 2019

  1. A Clinical Study to understand the Role of Ayurvedic Regimen in the Management of Tamaka Shwasa (Bronchial Asthma).

Arpan A. Bhatt,1* , Shweta Pandey*(Corresponding Author)2 , Brajesh Singh3 , Gauravi Vyas4 , Gyanendra Datta Shukla5 and Upasna6

Pages 1-14

  1. Artificial Intelligence in Medication Error

A.H. Raval1* , P. J. Brahmbhatt2 and D. P. Patel3

Pages 15-20

  1. A Literary Study of Effects of Suppression of Natural Urges

Dipankar Saha11* and Roktima Rabha2

Pages 21-25

  1. A Review of Trikatu in Different Vyadhi Avastha

Santosh T. Kadam1* and Ashalata D. Pawar2

Pages 26-36

  1. Management of Dysmenorrhoea through Ayurveda: A Case Study

Sharma Payal1* and Asthana Alok Kumar2

Pages 77-85

  1. Importance of Aushadha Sevana Kala in Migraine without Aura- A Case Report

Santhosh K1* , Rathi. S2 and Syed Munawar Pasha3

Pages 86-93

  1. Principles of Drug Formulation w.s.r. to Pittaja Vikaras

Radhika Bhat1* and Ravindra Angadi2

Pages 100-111

  1. A Case Study on Management of Dry Eye Disease

Ramya1* , Syed Munawar Pasha2 and Ahalya S3

Pages 112-117

  1. Concept of Murdha taila and Its Role in Psychological Disorder: A Review

Nidhi Gupta1* , Gopesh Mangal2 and Jatinder Verma3

Pages 133-147

  1. Vajikarana Activity of Gandhaka and its Kalpa: A Review

Satish P Karjagi1* and Vinay R Kadibagil2

Pages 148-156

  1. Expedition of PopularDosage Form Tablet as of Vati (Type of Ancient Dosage Form in Ayurveda)

Shobha Katara1* , Avinash Baberwal2 , Neeraj Kumar3 and Santosh Pal4

Pages 157-164

  1. Clinical Efficacy of Kantakaryavaleha in the Management of Kasa

Rajesh Gupta1* , Suchetta Verma2 and Prashant Saini3

Pages 165-174

  1. Conceptual Study on Shuklagata Roga involving Sira With Special reference to Episcleritis and Scleritis

Mansi1* , Nirma Bansal2 , Rajendra Kumar Soni3 and Garima Srivastava4

Pages 175-185

  1. Effect of Paschimottanasana in Metabolic Disorder w.s.rR. to Sthaulya

Gajendra Kumar Dubey1* and Kamalesh Kumar Sharma2

Pages 211-220

  1. A Clinical Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of Katibasti with Gokshuradya Taila in Gridhrasi

Maharudra Kumar Thakur1* , Padmakiran C2 , Rajalaxmi M G 3 and Niranjan Rao4

Pages 221-233

  1. Pharmaceutical and Analytical Study of Shushka Kaasaghna Arka

Rekha.J1* , Ravindra Angadi2 , Ashok Kumar B.N3 , Sushmitha.V.S4 and Radhika Ranjan Geethesh P5

Pages 246-255

  1. Modified Method of Sodhanartha Snehapana

Vimixa Patel1* , Hemang Raghavani2 and Kalapi Patel3

Pages 256-261

  1. Management of Kitibh Kushtha- A Case Study

Prajakta Borkar1* and Manish S. Bhoyar2

Pages 276-283

  1. Management of Bertolotti Syndrome through Ayurveda w.s.r. to Gridhrasi: A Case Study

Santosh Kumar Bhatted1* and Hanumant Nirmal2

Pages 284-290

  1. A Critical Study on Kurcha Marma of Lower Limb

Madhan G.S1* and krishana Murthy .N2

Pages 301-306

  1. A Comparative Analytical Study of Kalyanaka Ghrita and Ksheerakalyanaka Ghrita

Aparna Nandakumar1* , Ashok Kumar B.N2 , Ravindra Angadi3 , R.R.Geethesh4 and Vidyanand Mohan5

Pages 307-313

  1. Asthishrunkhala Ghrit Guggulu: Hope for Osteoporosis

Himani1* , Priyanka Sharma2 , Ksheetija Chaudhary3 and Alok Kumar Srivastava4

Pages 314-323

  1. Role of Sadawritta on Mind Control: A Review

Kiran R. Pabitwar1*

Pages 324-330

  1. Sleep urge - A Pivotal Component of Life

Kirti Aggarwal1* , Akhilesh Shukla2 , Meera K Bhojani3 and Mahesh Vyas4

Pages 331-342

  1. A Geographical Understanding of Nityaga Kaala (Chronological time) in India and Its Influence on Health

Neha Keshari1* , Bhagwati Solanki2 , Atul Joshi3 , Anup B. Thakar4 , N.N.Bhatt5 and Rahul S. Gandhi6

Pages 343-354

  1. A Comparative Pharmaceutico-Analytical study of Guduchi Kwatha Prepared from Fresh and Dry Guduchi

Vidyashree1* , Ashok Kumar B N2 , Radhika Ranjan Geethesh P3 and Ravindra Angadi4

Pages 355-360

  1. Role of Lifestyle in the Prevention of Ano-Rectal Disorders

Archana Singh1* , Parul Sharma2 , Sunil Kumar Pandey3 and Neelam Sajwan4

Pages 361-367

  1. Gulnar Farsi (Flowers of Punica granatum Linn.): An important Unani Drug-An Overview

Tarannum Khanam1* , Nazish Siddiqui2 and Mohd. Yasir3

Pages 382-394

  1. Effect of Madhu (Honey) in Alloxan Induced Diabetic Rats-An Experimental Study

Chamoli Puspa1* , Nathani Sumit2 and Sharma Gaurav3

Pages 395-401

  1. A conceptual review on Anjanamika with special reference to Hordeolum externum

Sangita Kamaliya1* , Chandan Sharma2 , Udeni Rathnayake3 and D. B.Vaghela4

Pages 412-420

  1. Panchakarma A Ray of Hope for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Lalita Sharma1* , Alok Srivastava2 , Parul Sharma3 , Priya Kutiyal4 , Bhuvnesh Sharma5 and K.K. Sharma6

Pages 421-434

  1. Ethno medico botanical Survey study of tuberous vegetables in Udupi District of Karnataka, India

Ravikrishna.S1* , Shrikanth.P2 and T.Shridhara Bairy3

Pages 452-460

  1. Vitamin C and Tannin content of Amalaki Swaras in Accordance with Various Month.

Subhashchandra S. Madavi1* and Priyanka K.Tayade2

Pages 461-467

  1. A Comparative Pharmaceutico-Analytical Study of Kapha-Kethu-Rasa Prepared by Two Different Methods

Thejus Antony1* , Sebastian Philip2 and Radhika Ranjan Geethesh P3

Pages 468-476

  1. Yashtimadhu Taila - A Wonder Drug for Kesha

Vidyashree1* , Ashok Kumar B N2 and Aparna Nandakumar3

Pages 477-482

  1. A Role of Jaloukavacharana in the Management of Pain in Trigeminal Neuralgia - A Case Report.

Harish. G1* , Syed Munawar pasha2 and Ahalya. S3

Pages 483-489

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