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Volume 17, Issue 3, 2022

  1. A Chemotherapeutic Exploration of Gomutra: A Review

Rakesh Mishra1* and Kshama Kulkarni and Ankita Mishra2

Pages 10-23

  1. An Experimental Study of Draksha Avaleha w.s.r. to Pandu (Iron Deficiency Anaemia)

Roshni Koted1* , Vijaypal Tyagi2 , Manisha Goyal3 , Govind Sahay Shukla4 and Rajaram Agarwal5

Pages 24-30

  1. A Review on Controversial Drug Kampillaka

Rejoice N Macwan1*

Pages 31-37

  1. Analogical Insight: Tridosha Karma at Cellular Level

Navya K1* and Febin Joy2

Pages 38-42

  1. A Literary Study on Understanding the Effect of Gayatri Mantra Japa in Prameha

Deepthi1* , Shrikanth P H2 and Likhita D N3

Pages 59-71

  1. A Critical Review on Takra from Charak Samhita

Pallavi Yeshwantrao Patil1*

Pages 85-92

  1. A Review Article on Arsha

Rina Dodiya1* , Jigisha Prajapati2 , Pratixakumari Chaudhari3 , Rajesh Kumar Sharma4 and Harshit Shah5

Pages 93-99

  1. Role of Ayurveda in the Management of Wound

Shalini Savita1* , Govind Sahay Shukla2 , Rajaram Agarwal3 , Manisha Goyal4 and Vijaypal Tyagi5

Pages 100-104

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