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Volume 18, Issue 2, 2023

  1. A Scientific Study on the Necessity of Aahar for the Brain

Harvendra Devpal1* , Shaifali Sharma2 , Purushottam Das Sharma3 and Dinesh Kumar Sharma4

Pages 1-8

  1. Pharmacognostical Studies on Market Samples of Pashanbheda

Romi Gupta1* , Himanshu Singh2 , Kalyani P Nishane3 and R B Yadav4

Pages 9-16

  1. Role of Kapha Dosha in Cell Membrane Biogenesis and Transport across Cell Membrane

Advait Sharma1* , Alok Kumar Asthana2 and Monica Asthana3

Pages 17-22

  1. Chickenpox Management through Ayurveda

Apoorwa Kishor Hend1*

Pages 31-34

  1. Effect of Sarivadi Gel in Post Fissurectomy Wound Management

Vidya Dharne1* and Pritilata Vinod Hire2

Pages 42-47

  1. Hazardous Effects of Food Additives

Kiran1* , Brijendra Singh Tomar2 and Satbir Kumar Chawla3

Pages 48-54

  1. Use of Agad Preparation in the Current Scenario

Vanya Gupta1* , Ved Bhushan Sharma2 , Aditi Yadav3 , Indermani4 and Jyoti Negi5

Pages 71-79

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