International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
(A peer reviewed journal dedicated to allied Sciences)

International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Volume 2, Issue 1, 2015

  1. Good Manufacturing Practices: A pathway towards quality ASU medicines

Kaushal Arushi1 Arora Ravinder2*

Pages 1-11

  1. Ayurveda in Treatment of Bone Disorders in Human: A Review

Subha Ganguly (Editorial)*

Pages 12-15

  1. Nasya - An Ayurvedic Therapeutic

Deepak Kumar Ahuja1* and Vandana2

Pages 16-20

  1. Application of Kupara Marma chikitsa can play a potential role in management of cervical spondylosis: A review

Ashutosh Kumar Pathak1*, H. H. Awasthi2 and Ajai Kr. Pandey3

Pages 21-31

  1. Analysis of water quality using physico-chemical parameters and coagulation treatment to water of Kolavada Lake using PAC, natural coagulant and mixture of coagulants

J. K. Desai1*, P.J.Patel2, P. P. Parekh3 and S. D. Patel4

Pages 32-38

  1. Ovarian Cyst an Ayurvedic Perspective: A Case Study

Singh Neelam Kumari1* and Alok Singh Sengar2

Pages 39-45

  1. Eficacy of Vatad (Prunus amygdalus l.) with special reference to Medhya karma

Kumar Arvind1*, Krishn Chand Arora2 and Sharma Mahendra Kumar3

Pages 46-55

  1. Ethanobotanical Studies on Balanites aegyptiaca (L.) Del. among the Folk Peoples of Nizamabad District, Telangana State

Vijigiri Dinesh1* and Kolapwar Balaji2

Pages 56-61

  1. Pharmacognostic Study of Acorus Calamus

Kaushal Arushi1 Arora Ravinder2*

Pages 62-68

  1. A comparative analytical study of Pravala bhasma and Pisti w.s.r. to Moola and Shakha

Kaushal Arushi1* Arora Ravinder2

Pages 69-77

  1. Post Menopausal Syndrome

Shilpa Gupta1*and Nand Kishore Dadhich2

Pages 78-88

  1. Negligence of Natural urges leads to Anemia

Kaur Jaskirat1* and Chawla Ritesh2

Pages 89-96

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