International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
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International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Volume 4, Issue 3, 2016

  1. A Critical Review on Pippali (Piper longum Linn.)

Rajendra HM1* and MeenalDipak Lad2

Pages 1-9

  1. Bio-medical Waste Generation and Management in Various Hospitals in Dhule City of Maharashtra, India

Pradipkumar R Suryawanshi1*, Sandipkumar R Suryawanshi2, Shweta S Suryawanshi3, Vijay Patha4, and Rucha M Shinde5

Pages 10-16

  1. An Analytical Study on Effect of Environmental Pollutants on Ricinus communis Linn. Root With Special Reference to Heavy Metal Concentration

Ambika Dhiman1*, S.K.Hiremath2 and G.M.Patil3
Pages 17-21

  1. Concept of Amla Avasthapaka w.s.r. to Metabolic Transformations  

Madhavi Abasaheb Howal1* and E.E.Mojes2

Pages 22-27

  1. Comparative Study on Variations in Pulmonary Functions in Swimmers, Yogis and Sedentary Individuals

Pradipkumar R Suryawanshi1*, Sandipkumar R Suryawanshi2, Shweta S Suryawanshi3, Vijay Patha4 and Rucha M Shinde5

Pages 28-35

  1. Dietary Precautions during Panchakarma

Udaya Ganesha1* and Gunvant Hari Yeola2
Pages 36-43

  1. Utility of Shatapushpa (Indian Dill) in Kashyapa Samhita and its Critical Analysis- A Review

Snehalata Pradhan*
Pages 44-51

  1. Ayurvedic Management of Epilepsy: A Single Case Study

Ganesh R1* and Roshni Anirudhan2

Pages 52-57

  1. Efficacy of Guduchi Oil Pichu in the Management Cervicitis: A Clinical Trial

Pradip Kinage1* and Mukta Sinha2
Pages 58-68

  1. Comparative Micromorphological Microscopic including Micrometric Evaluation of Important Tephrosia species - Leaves

Urvi Ashani1* and Harisha C R2
Pages 69-94

  1. Physicochemical Characterization of Berberisaristata, Simm (Daaruharidra According to Ayurveda)

Nitin R Waghmare1*, Nilakshi S Pradhan2 and Jyoti B Gavali3
Pages 95-101

  1. Monthly Regimen for Pregnant Woman Described in Brihatrayee: A Scientific Review

Pradip Kinage1* and Deepika Chaudhari2
Pages 102-112

  1. Clinical Efficacy of Prachhana Karma with Negative Vacuum Pressure followed by Application of Gunja Beeja Lepa in the Management of Indralupta (Alopecia Areata): A Case Report

Satyam S. Supare1* and Pooja P Shrivastav2
Pages 113-117

  1. A Review on Nyayas and Its Application in Ayurveda

Kanika Gogoi*

Pages 118-126

  1. Therapeutic Approaches to Drug Targets in Leukemia

Mahesh Vitthal Rathod1* and Seema Vitthal Rathod2

Pages 127-148

  1. Abhyangamaacharet Nityam- In Preventive Perspective

Sukhdev Tonde1, Shweta Deshpande2* and Rajesh Kolarkar3
Pages 149-154

  1. Recommendation to Prevent and Control Type-II Diabetes through Ayurvedic Principles

Dhananjay V. Patel*

Pages 155-162

  1. A Case Study: Role of Vamana, Langhana and Pachana in Anaha

Tripti Lokesh1* and Amarnath Shukla2
Pages 163-167

  1. A Review on Fundamental Principles of Varmam ? An Ancient Siddha Medical Science

S. Sugunthan1*, R. Shailaja2 and M. Mohamed Musthafa3
Pages 169-178

  1. Pcos Problem in Modern Era and Its Management

Pages 179-188

  1. Role of Rasayana Therapy in Geriatric Health Care: A Rational Approach

Arvind Kumar*

Pages 189-207

  1. A Review of Indigenous Herbal Anti Allergic Drugs

Kalpana Patni1* and Gaurav Sinha2

Pages 208-220

  1. Role of Prapaundarikadi Tailam Abhyangam (Massage) in Hypertension

Tripti Lokesh1* and Amarnath Shukla2

Pages 221-230 

  1. Antimicrobial Studies of Rasaushadhies (Herbomineral Preparations): A Review

Sushma Dongre* and Priya Bhagat2
Pages 231-240

  1. Impact of Gayatri Mantra Chanting on Manas Prakruti and Stress

Rashi Sharma1* and Kavita Indapurkar2
Pages 241-250

  1. A Clinical Study on Role of Singhnada Guggulu, Guduchi and Sanshodhan Karma in Cases of Vatashonita w.s.r. to Gouty Arthritis

Richa Garg*
Pages 251-263

  1. Impact of Samskara on Guduchi and Guduchi Ghanavati

Pooja Badani1*, Hitesh Vyas2, Harisha CR3, and VJ Shukla4

Pages 264-275

  1. Physio-Anatomical Exploration of Sirobasti in Management of Neurological Disorders

Shrimali Dipakkumar Jayantkumar1* and Harish Chandra2
Pages 276-282

  1. Review of Jala

Brijkishor Soni*
Pages 283-295 

  1. Analgesic Activity of Ethanolic Extract of Sterculia Foetida Linn. Flowers

Rupali D. Popeta1*, Avinash T. Gatade2, Azmina A.K. Masurkar3 and Ganesh A. Thakur1

Pages 296-301



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