International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
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International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Volume 5, Issue 3, 2016

  1. Role of Yastimadhu in Recurrent Abortion-A Critical Review

Priti Garg*

Pages 1-7

  1. Importance of Time Management in Panchakarma

Kiran R. Pabitwar*

Pages 8-15

  1. A Case Study of Agnikarma with Mrutika Shalaka in Pain Management of Calcaneal Spur

Jayeshkumar Yadav1*, Raman R. Ghungralekar2 and Geeta Varma3
Pages 16-21

  1. Assessing the Genuineness of Abhraka Bhasma by Namburi Phased Spot Test

Nisha Kumari.P.R1* and Reshma Saokar2

Pages 22-30

  1. Effect of Pathyadi Anjana Varti in Management of Pishtak with special reference to Pinguecula

PoojaWankhade1* and A.B.Deshmukh2

Pages 31-36

  1. Cow Urine: A Magical Remedy W.S.R. to Brahattrayi

Pallavi Singh1, Premraj Chaudhary2* and Rohit Ranjan3

Pages 37-49

  1. Critical Review on Medhya Drugs as an Adjuvant to Overcome Adverse Effect of Long Term Use of Anticonvulsant Drugs in Children

Deepak J Londhe1*, Shital Chinchalkar2 and Abhijit Kumbhar3

Pages 50-61

  1. Role of Pathya Apathya in general and w.s.r. Vatarakta

Sarika Yadav1* and Om Prakash Dadhich2

Pages 62-68

  1. Role of Pichha Vasti in the Management of Ulcerative Colitis

Archana Negi1*, Shweta Shukla2, Deshraj Singh3 and Bhupinder Singh4

Pages 69-78

  1. Bhasmikarana-Significance of Process

Pages 79-85

  1. A Step for Healthy Life in Modern Era w.s.r. to Rasayana Therapy: A Review

Kumar Dileep1*, Tiwari Akanksha2, Parauha Prashant3 and Tripathi Arun Kumar4

Pages 86-95

  1. Structural Evaluation of Koorpara marma (elbow region) in Accidental Trauma

Pradip R. Itnar1* and Preetam P. Itnar

Pages 96-102

  1. Pharmaceutical Review of Triphala Masi Preparation

Neelam Choudhary*

Pages 103-107

  1. A Case Report on Ascites (Jalodar) Caused by Cryptogenic Liver Cirrhosis

Rajpoot Ranjana*

Pages 108-115

  1. Shalaparni (Desmodium gangeticum DC.)- A Sarvadoshahara Dravya

NiteshShambharkar1* NituDongre2 and AmolKadu3

Pages 116-129

  1. Study of Amashay Sharir with special reference to Urdhvaga Amlapitta

Kamble Amar1*, Chandurkar Nitin2 and Rupali Bawa3

Pages 130-137

  1. Review on the Postpartum Weight Retention and Ayurvedic Care

S. N. V. Neeraja D1* and Paramkusha Rao M2

Pages 138-148

  1. Comparative Study of Structural Changes in Janusandhi in Amavat and Sandhigatvat

Rupali Bawa1*, Chandurkar Nitin2 and Amar Kamble3

Pages 149-156

  1. Pharmaceutical Review of Rasa Parpati Preparation with respect to Different Ratios of Gandhak Used

Neelam Choudhary*

Pages 157-162

  1. Pharmacognostical Study of Aloe barbadensis Miller

Dhiman Sonia1*, Kumar Ajay2, Dhiman Monika3, Chawla Kumar Satbir4 and Priyanka5
Pages 163-174

  1. A Review on Conceptual and Applied Aspect of Pramathi

Parashuram Pawar1*, S.L. Dasari2, Preeti S. Dasari3 and Sucheta P. Pawar4

Pages 175-182

  1. Evaluation of Poly Herbal Formulation in the Management of Acne and Melasma

Mohammad Nazir Hossain1*,DewanAnwarulAzim2, Dai Ayusawa3, Amrita Kumar Sarkar4 and Tasnuva Ferdous1

Pages 183-194

  1. Experimental Study on Nirmalikaran Process with special reference to Rasatarangini

Ujwala Ashokrao Jadhao1*, Sima Ashok Kurule2, C. E. Lagad3 and D.S.Wadodkar4
Pages 195-202 

  1. Role of Saindhav pratisaran in the Management of Vartmasharkara w.s.r. to Concretions

Santosh Bashakar Somatkar1* and Kalpana S. Wakode2

Pages 203-206

  1. Sharir Kriyatmak Concept of Mandagni

Prachi N. Waghmare1*, E.E. Mojes2 and S. G. Topre3

Pages 207-213

  1. A Comparative Study of Efficacy of Himanshwadi Churns with or without Takradhara in the Management of Vataj Grahani w.s.r. Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Shital Kolpekwar1 and Pradipkumar R Suryawanshi2*

Pages 214-227


  1. A Review of the Marmas (vital points) and their Clinical Importance

Ashok Kumar Sharma1*, Manisha2 and Amit Kumar Sharma3
Pages 228-231


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