International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
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International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Volume 6, Issue 2, 2017

  1. Pharmacognostical and Phytochemical Evaluation of Vasadi Kwatha- An Ayurvedic Polyherbal Formulation 

Rajkrinti1*, Laxmipriya Dei2, Harisha C.R.3 and Shukla V.J.4

Pages 1-9

  1. Role of Rasayana, Kriyakalpa, Swasthavritta Vichara on Geriatric Ophthalmology- A Conceptual Study

Kishor Madhukar Yadav1*, and A.P.Vaijwade2

Pages 10-16

  1. Role of Dharasweda and Raktamokshan in the Management of TAO (Buerger disease)-A Case Study

Gindewar Ajay Keshavrao1 and Annapure S.V.2*
Pages 17-21

  1. A Review Study on Various Ksharsutras

Pooja Shrivastav1* and Kiran Khandare2

Pages 22-30

  1. A Case Study on Efficacy of Karpur Tilataila Uttarbasti in Vatashthila w.s.r. to Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Giram Ram Narayan1*, Annapure S.V.2 and R.H.Amilkanthwar3

Pages 31-37

  1. Drug Price Control Order (DPCO) w.r.t. National Pharmaceutical Pricing Policy 2012

Nirali Modha* 
Pages 38-43

  1. Role of Guduchi GhanaVati on the Prevention of Diseases due to Physical Stress

Dhananjay V. Patel*
Pages 44-49

  1. Literary Review on Clinical Applications of Basic Concept of Dravyaguna

Vitthal B. Washimkar1*, M. B. Shende2 and D. S. Chothe3

Pages 50-65

  1. Role of Exercise in Prevention of Ageing from Ayurvedic Perspective

Purva S.Bharde1* and Aniket A. Shilwant2
Pages 66-76

  1. Importance of Ahar and Poshan in Prevention of Garbhavyapad

Gopal M. Jadhav1* and Tarannum N. Khan2
Pages 77-86

  1. Review on Concept of Potency (Veerya) and its diversity in Ayurveda

Chaithra S. Hebbar1* and Lalitha B.R.2
Pages 87-102

  1.  Management Ayurvedic of Hyperlipedemia: A Case Report

Prasad Kulkarni1*, Vishwas Gogate2 and Pramod Patil3
Pages 103-108

  1. Evaluate the Stability Constant of Cu(II), Co(II), Cd(II) and Ni(II) Metal Ions with 2-p-Chlorophenylthiocarbamidophenol Spectrophotometrically

S.O.Mohod1* and D.T.Tayade2
Pages 109-114

  1. Role of Mustadi Yapan Basti in the Management of Kshinshukra w.s.r. to Oligospermia - A Case Study

Sampada Sandeep Sant1* and Shruti Prakash Vibhute2

Pages 115-120

  1. Pharmacognostical and Physico-chemical Evaluation of Nagaradi Kashaya

Zaibfatima Vakil1*, A S Baghel2, Harisha C.R.3 and V. J. Shukla4

Pages 121-129

  1. Ayurvedic Management of Recurrence of Stye in a Diabetic Patient - A Single Case Study

Nikita Baghel1* and Shamsa Fiaz2
Pages 130-136

  1.  De Quervain's Thyroiditis: Current Concepts and Ayurvedic Treatment Options

Rakhee Panda*

Pages 137-142

  1. Understanding the Concept of VastiKarma in Ayurveda

UdayaGanesha B*
Pages 143-149

  1. Systematic Study of Rajata (Silver) Bhasma Prepared by Traditional Ayurvedic Method

Sunil Kumar Dalal*

Pages 150-163

  1. Rakshakarma in Child Health Care - A Review

Kalpana Patni1* and Gaurav Sinha2

Pages 164-173

  1. A Review on the Ayurvedic Management of Krimi (Intestinal worms) in Children

Mukesh Kumar Meena*

Pages 174-186

  1. A Comparative Study of Arishta Dhoopana Yoga and Formalin for their Antimicrobial Effect as a Fumigating agent on Escherchia Coli

Shravani M. Gund1*, Ramchandra P. Babar2, SunandaV. Vanarase3 and Rashmi A. Kale4

Pages 187-196

  1. Comparative Study of Assessment of Water Qualities Stored in Tamra and Stainless steel Vessels

Jadhav Kalpana K*

Pages 197-210

  1. Management of Oligoasthenospermia in Ayurvedic Prospect: A Case Study

Shachi Pandya1* and Jatin Vyas

Pages 211-215

  1.  Understanding the Hetu (Causes) of Eye Disorders in Ayurveda

Sunil Baluji Bhagat1 * and Nisar Ali Khan2

Pages 216-222

  1. Effect of Leech Therapy (Jalaukavacharana) in an unknown Bite - A Case Study

Rajiv Tarpe1*, Datt Bapardekar2 and Sunita Tarpe3
Pages 223-228

  1. A Critical Study of TvakSharir with special reference to Dadru

Lade Vaibhav1*,Chandurkar Nitin2 and Kamble Amar3
Pages 229-241

  1. Concept of Kupipakwa Rasayan- A Review

Barkha J Tirpude*
Pages 242-249

  1. Conceptual and Clinical Study of Anjan-karm and Anjanayogas in Netravyadhies

Chandrashekhar N Mule1, Swati Dhobale2* and Kavita Mule3
Pages 250-262

  1. An Ayurvedic Approach for Polysubstance Dependence w.s.r. to Madatyaya - A Case Study

Bhagyalaxmi K.S.1*, Jadhav Bhagyashree2 and Swati Deshpande3

Pages 263-270

  1. A Review Study on Therapeutic Potential of Vatsanabha(Aconitum ferox Wall. ExSeringe.)

Awanish Pandey1*, Gyan Chand Kr.Morya1, H.S. Mishra2, R.B.Yadav3 and K.N. Yadav4

Pages 271-277


  1. Kutipraveshik Rasayana- A Review

Sejal Shah1* and Harshit Shah2

Pages 278-291


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