International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
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International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Volume 8, Issue 3, 2018 (10th May 2018)

  1. Measures to Prevent Uterine Prolapse: Exercises, Precautions & Natural Cures

Mohini Mishra1*, Omkar Kajale2 and Dinesh Choudhari3

Pages 1-6

  1. A Brief Review of Medicinal Properties of Nirgundi (Vitex negundo Linn.) from Nighantus

Neha Soni1*, Jyoti Markam2, Pravin Joshi3 and Om Prakash Rout4

Pages 7-12

  1. Clinical Evaluation of the Efficacy of Laghu Varunadi Kwath in Mutrashmari (Urolithiasis)

Vinay Bhardwaj1*, Niharika Sharma2 and Ajay Nagar3

Pages 13-27

  1. A Critical Review of Tamra and Its Toxicity

Pravanchana Sahu1*, Prafulla2 and Prashant D Math3

Pages 28-34

  1. Analytical Study of Triphala Eye Drop - An Ayurvedic Formulation

Upendra Nath1*, Renu Rao2, Gunjan Sharma3, Aditi4 and Anchal Pathak5
Pages 35-38

  1. Concept of Shodhana of Gairik in Godugdha

Suman Lata1*, Lokesh Gupta2, Swati Vardhan3, Piyush Kapil4 and Satakshi Sharma5
Pages 39-43

  1. Anatomical, Physiological and Pathological Study of Shuddha Shukra in Modern Parameters

Brijkishor Soni1* and Sushil Dwivedi2
Pages 44-51

  1. Comparative Analytical Study of Lakshadi Guggulu

H. Namana1* Ganti Basavaraj Y2 and K.V. Janaki3
Pages 52-56

  1. Putapaka - A Conceptual Study

Abha Singh1*, Neelam Sajwan2 and Arun Kumar3
Pages 57-61

  1. Systemic Overview of Therapeutic Leech Application Recommending its Practical Significance

Neelam Sajwan1*, Danish Javed2 and Abha Singh3
Pages 62-73

  1. Collection of Raw Drugs w.s.r. to Raspanchak

Garud Sandeep1*, Chaudhary Anubha1 and Kotecha Mita2
Pages 74-83

  1. Evolution of "Agadatantra"- Forensic Medicine and Toxicology of Indian System of Medicine: A Review

Sourav Ballav1*,Gopendra Chandra Kamal1, Puneshwar Keshari2 and Ashwini Kumar S Bharati3
Pages 84-100

  1. Lipid Based Drug Delivery System in Ayurveda - An Overview

Krishna Rao.S.1*, Indu.S.2, and Pradeep Kumar P.P.3
Pages 101-113

  1. A Pharmacological Review of Muchakunda (Pterospermum acerifolium Willd)

Arunthia Mitra1* and Manisha Mishra2

Pages 114-122

  1. A Comprehensive Study of Anatomy and Physiology of Urinary System in Ayurveda

Bishnu Kumar1* and Jyoti Singh2

Pages 123-134

  1. A Review on Takradhara: Special Panchakarma Therapy

Kuldeep1*, Suhas A. Chaudhary2, Vimal Tewari3, and S.K.Tiwari4

Pages 135-142

  1. Management of Vulvovaginal Candidiasis by Ayurvedic Medicament: A Case Report

Chaudhari Krutika1*, Shilpa Donga2 and Laxmipriya Dei3
Pages 143-147

  1. Evaluation of Antibacterial Activity of Flowers of Moringa Oleifera Lam

Abhijeet D. Kumbhar1*, Vamsikrishna G. K.2 and Surekha Khot3
Pages 148-155

  1. Effect of Jatyadi Ghrit on Dusht Vrana Management: A Case Study

Neelam Sajwan1*, Abha Singh2 and Savita Sonkar3
Pages 156-162

  1. Role of Ayurvedic Formulation in Preventing the Complications of Chemo and Radiotherapy in the Management of Cancer-A Case Study w.s.r. to Ovarian Cancer (Stage 4)

Beena M.D.1* and P. Sudhakar Reddy2

Pages 163-167


  1. Practical Processing of Dadimaavaleha: A Review

Namitha R. Chandra1*, Sharada Khanal2, and Basavaraj Y. Ganti3

Pages 168-176

  1. Role of Yoga in Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: A Healthy Step to Fight with Hormonal Imbalance

Ashiya1* and Laxmipriyadei2
Pages 177-186

  1. Effect of Katibasti in Lumbar Spondylosis: A Case Study

Shikha Pandey1* and Kartikey2
Pages 187-191

  1. Effect of Janubasti in JanuSandhi Gat Vaatwsr to Osteoarthritis: A Case Study

Shikha Pandey1* and Kartikey2
Pages 192-196

  1. Structural Consideration of Majjavaha Srotas

Brahma Sasmita1*, Behera Sunita2, Mehta Sahil3 and Sharma Mukesh Kumar4

Pages 197-205

  1. A Study of Hingula Shodhana using XRF

Nalin D. Shah1, Pritam C. Vaity2* and Ninad S. Sathe3

Pages 206-210

  1. Pharmaceutical and XRF Study of Yashada Pushpa Prepared using Electric Muffle Furnace

Meenakshi D. Amrutkar1, Ashwini Y. Deshmukh2, Pritam C. Vaity3*

Pages 211-218

  1. Pharmaceutical and Analytical Study of Apamarga Kshar

Suparna Saha1*, Omprakash Panwar2, Parimi Suresh3, Sanjay Kumar4 and Rajendra Prasad Sharma5

Pages 219-225

  1. Medical Ethics and Etiquettes Described in Classical Ayurveda

Sharda More (Pol)1* and Hemant Pol2

Pages 226-234

  1. Basic Concept of Kala - A Review

Parmar Vidhi1*, Jui Shahane2, Patel Kalapi3 and Patel Sandhya4

Pages 235-245

  1. Hirudotherapy: A Parasurgical Approach for Pain Management in Varicose Veins

S.Y.Raut1 and Akanksha Akulwar2*
Pages 246-254

  1. A Review on Sthaulya (Obesity) and the Concept of Langhana Upakrama in the Management of Sthaulya (Obesity)

Vipin Kumar1* and Sapana Khatri2
Pages 255-267

  1.  A Review on Inter Vertebral Disc as per Ayurveda

Padmakiran C.1 and Nithinkumar2*
Pages 268-272

  1. Evidence Based Management of Insomnia through Ayurveda

Deepshikha1*, Amit Kumar Rai2 and Bharti3
Pages 273-289

  1. Effect of Takravasti in Grahaniroga -A Case Study

Udaya Ganesha B.*
Pages 290-296

  1. Enlighten the Role of Diet and Lifestyle in Prevention of Amlapitta

Vineeta Singh1 and Neeru Nathani2*
Pages 297-304

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