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Volume 20, Issue 3, 2024

  1. Comparison of Vamana Virechana Vyapats and Chikitsa of Sushruta and Kalyanakaraka

Chetan Ninganagouda Goudar1* and Vidyalakshmi K2

Pages 8-17

  1. Analytical Study of Abhrak Bhasma: A Review

Ramavtar Mali1* and Dongre Sushma2

Pages 27-36

  1. Panchgavya in Cosmetics

Anju Chandrakar1*

Pages 37-43

  1. Role of Ahara Evum Vihara in NCDS w.s.r to Diabetes mellitus

Nidhi Soni1* , Neetu Sharma2 and Vijay Kumar Jatoliya3

Pages 44-51

  1. Tamaka Shwasa in Ayurvedic Literature: A Comprehensive Literary Review

Vivekaradhya M1* and I B Kotturshetti2

Pages 62-77

  1. A Review on Prana Vayu: The Life Force

Jitendra Kaur1* , Virender Singh2 and Mahesh Vyas3

Pages 83-89

  1. A Case Study on Ayurvedic Management of Vicharchika

Jyoti Meghadambar1* and Himani Giri2

Pages 90-95

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