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International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Volume 3, Issue 3, 2015

  1. A Review on role of Vyayama (Physical exercise) in the Prevention and Management of Madhumeha
    (Diabetes Mellitus-type 2) "

Megha G. Pandya*

Pages 1-13

  1. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Effect of Ayurveda in Current Scenario

Priyanka Triwedi1*, Anamika Shukla2

Pages 14-20

  1. Logical Establishment of Doshatva of Shonita ?Review Article

Sharma Girdhar Gopal*

Pages 21-27

  1. Legal Aspect of Abortion for Health Care Professionals

Brijendra Singh Tomar*

Pages 28-34

  1. Review of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning and its Ayurvedic Management

Poornima Mansoria1*, Shyam Babu Singh2 and Anita Sharma3

Pages 35-41

  1. Physiological effect of Avapidsnehana and MutralDravya on Renal Calculi (VatajAshmari)

Kawarkhe Santosh Dnyanbarao1*, Ramesh M. Bansode2, and S. S. Sant3
Pages 42-47

  1. Clinical Study of Compound (Emblica Officinalis Gaertn.), Terminalia chebula Retz., Piper longum Linn., Plumbago zeylanica Linn.) with special reference to its role in Jvara (Fever)

Sapna Chaudhary1*and Vinod Kumar Joshi2

Pages 48-56

  1.  A Comparative Clinical Study of Lekhana Basti and Shamana Sneha (Triphaladi Taila) in the Management of Sthaulya (Obesity)

Shital G. Bhagiya1*, Ram B. Shukla2, Falgun P. Patel3

Pages 57-70

  1. Role of Vyayama in the Prevention of Hridroga w.s.r. to Heart Diseases

Rajiv Amal1, Jigisha Patel2, M V Patel3, S N Gupta4 and K B Patel5
Pages 71-77

  1. An Overview and Approach towards Intellectual Disability and its Management in Ayurveda

R.C.Harinkhede1*,D. B. Chavan2, P.L. Patil3 and V.U.Gawai4
Pages 78-88

  1. Physiological Impression on Ojas and its Pathological Glimpse

Dadhich N.K.1 and Sharma Pooja2*
Pages 89-98

  1. Mamsa Dhatu: an Image of Nutritive Buildcon of Body

Aniket A Shilwant1* and Niraj F Mandod2
Pages 99-105

  1. Kriyakalpa- Ayurvedic Therapeutics in Netra Roga

Jitesh Marote1* and A B Deshmukh2

Pages 106-112

  1. Review of Saamanya Shodhan (Common Purification) of Metals (Dhatus)

Jyoti Brijesh Gavali*

Pages 113-118

  1. A Conceptual Study of Dry Eye Symptom Complex as a Purvaroopa of Netraroga in Over Users of Computer

Nilakshi S. Pradhan1* and Pravin M Bhat2

Pages 119-127

  1. Scientific View towards Suvarnaprashana in Alternative Medicines

ChetanGulhane1*, Deepali Gulhane2 Danga SK3, Ashita Surve4 and Kalpana Dhuri5

Pages 128-137


  1. Role of Virechana (Therapeutic Purgation) in the Management of Ekakushtha (Psoriasis) -A Case Study

Megha G. Pandya1*, Hetal D. Vyas2 and Rita H. Khagram3
Pages 138-148

  1. Comparative Physicochemical Study on Alambusadi Churna Tablet and Simhanad Guggulu Pill

Saroj Kumar Debnath1*, Abichal Chattopadhyaya2 and Sudhaben N. Vyas3
Pages 149-154

  1. Concept of Aahar According to Prakruti

Manisha V. Jaybhaye1* and Sampada S. Sant2

Pages 155-162

  1. Critical Ayurvedic Evaluation of Determinants of Deha Prakriti

Kumari Monika1*, Sharma Naresh Kumar2, Dhiman Kamini3, Meena Kedar L4.and Vardhan Prabhakar5

Pages 163-185

  1. Prognostic Effect of Amavatari Ras in the Management of Rheumatiod Arthritis vis-a-vis Amavata

Indra Pal1*,Akanksha Tiwari2 and N. P. Rai3
Pages 186-191

  1. Pharmacognostical and Pharmaceutical Evaluation of Balachaturbhadra Vati - A Well-Known Drug for Pediatric Disorders

Suhas A. Chaudhary1*, Shingadiya Rahul K.2, Patel K.S.3, Kori V. K.4, Rajagopala S.5, Harisha C. R.6, Shukla V.J.7
Pages 192-201

  1. Role of Daruharidra Rasanjana Pratisaran in the Management of Krimigranthi w.s.r. to Blepharitis- A Literature Review

Manisha Maruti Mastud1* and Kalpana S.Wakode2

Pages 202-208

  1. Scientific Interpretation of Vaman

Praveen Lendal1*, C.D. Vaikos2 and P.G. Sali3
Pages 209-218

  1. An Observational Study on Role of Katibasti and RasnadiGuggul in the Management of Katigatvata

C.S.Tanmane1*, Sandhya N.Wagh2 and A.S.Charde3
Pages 219-225

  1. Combined Effect of Kshar Basti and Panchasama Churna in Amavata With Special Reference to Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Case Report

Dipali G. Nagpure1*, S.I. Pathan2, V.E. Gogte3, Minakshi S. Joshi4 and Mukunda B. Bargade5

Pages 226-239

  1. Ayurvedic Management of Shayyamutrata (Enuresis): A Literature Review

Sachin R. Bhagwat1* and V.U.Gawai2

Pages 240-244

  1. Combined Approach for Treatment of Cancer w.s.r to Dietary Recommendations

Nitin Sharma1*and Rakesh K. Nagar2

Pages 245-254

  1. Role of Matra Basti with Ahacharadi Tail in the Management of Gridharasi (Sciatica)

Rita Khagram1*and Megha Pandya2

Pages 255-265

  1. Review on Kasturi: A Jantava Dravya (Animal Product)

Kumar Sanjeev1*, Ram Bhuwal2 and Dwivedi Kamal Nayan3

Pages 266-273

  1. An Ayurvedic Review of Shigru from Kosha and Nighantus Efficacy and Safety

Brijesh kumar1*, Kanhaiya Agrawal2 and Anil Kumar Singh3

Pages 274-282

  1. An Observational Clinical Study of Navayasa lauha Tablets w.s.r. to Iron Deficiency Anemia

Joshi Nirali B.1*and Shankar M. B.2

Pages 283-292

  1. A Review of Dhatu Sarata

Pithadiya Archana C1*, Makwana Dhawal2 and Dhole Archana N3

Pages 293-305

  1. Study of Apana Vata and its Correlation with Arsha

Rashi Sharma1* and Vipin Kumar Pandey2

Pages 306-315

  1. Role of Apamarg-Kshar Tail in Dushta-Vrana

TikeshwarKaranjekar1*, Anubhuti P. Manwar2, Subhash Y. Raut3 and Arun M. Lakhapati4

Pages 316-320

  1. A Case Study of Vamanatwa w.s.r. to Short Stature in Children

Rutu V. Patel1, S. Rajagopala2 and S.N.Gupta3

Pages 321-327




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